Most online tools for converting or processing media work in a similar fashion. Users have to upload their original content online and wait for a few minutes for the feature to do its job.

In most cases, such tools work by uploading the original media to a server of its own. Third party owners or hackers might get access to your data from these servers.

Your data is entirely owned by you and you must reserve all rights to it.


This may include a document containing confidential information, a piece of music created by you, a private image among many other things.

If someone gains unauthorized access to your data, they might use it for wrong deeds or wrongfully against you.

This is why ensuring your privacy is very important.

Our online JPG to PDF converter is conversely, completely safe to use as it does not save your data. Therefore, all of your files are safe with you.

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Because files are not kept on our website, if you refresh your browser, you will need to reupload the folders for the procedure to complete.